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All About Test Automation Framework

Automation of tests is one of the most effective and efficient methods for testing. It is considered to be an integral component of any Software Development tool. According to statistics, 70% of automation projects fail while the remaining 30% earn not make enough profit.

Testing automation isn't an easy job. It can be quite difficult for many vendors and needs to be precisely designed to meet the requirements of each client.

Always think of test automation as the software development project

Manual and automation are two distinct things, and if we mix them together, this could create a smattering of tests. Automation of tests is a full-time job that requires resources that were specifically devoted to this job.

Choose Which Test Cases to automate

The benefit of testing with automated technology is linked to the number of times tests may be repeated. Tests that only run once or twice are best to be left to manual testing. Test cases are conducted frequently and require a lot of data to be included in the automated testing.

The Test Automation Tool selection

This is the primary process since every testing process is based on this and some test managers believe that by choosing the most suitable software based on your requirements, you can complete the automated testing.

The reality is that automated tools don't cover every state, but they do make the process simpler, however, the right resources are required to complete the task in a timely manner.