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Commercial Roofing Leak Repair

The two most frequent types of roofs for business constructions are flat and pitched roofs. Each has its advantages and disadvantages for construction, and also their challenges for leak repair.

Flat roofs are famous for business roofing  due to their inexpensive design along with the capability to house large mechanics, such as industrial air dryers, upon the surface. 

 commercial roof repair

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On the other hand, the apartment design suffers when it has to do with rain and snow, producing most repairs related to weather leakage.however, patching a leak is a relatively straightforward task.

After the damaged area is found, a professional will sweep the area of extra debris . BUR roofs may have many layers, so this is their core layout.

Here the benefit for your single-ply roof, being a single layer, will come into play with much fewer repair materials needed. When the layers are replaced with the new cut shingles, a larger shingle is going to be trimmed to place overtop the patched area and sealed to avoid leakage through the cut seams.

Pitched roofs have a slope of over 10 degrees to the flat surface. Although less common than horizontal roofs for industrial buildings, they continue to be employed, especially in regions of heavy snowfall.

Leaks on pitched roofs may come from problems with the shingles or tiles, but also in the freezing or valleys. Flashing is the sheet metal used around constructions on a roof, such as chimneys, that is designed to push water down and away from stitches.