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Crowdfunding platforms for social change

Crowdfunding has made many dreams of entrepreneurship, medical emergency funds, creative funds and so on. However, the most interesting dream source is still on the social change network. The world is still eager to use the strength of many people to present small and sustainable changes in communities throughout the world. To learn more information about property investment crowdfunding visit

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Credibles are an amazing platform that combines three elements that spell sustainability. It combines food, community currency, and crowdfunding. People contribute to food projects by buying pre-buying their products and valued with edible credit.


Catapult is a revolutionary platform that should work mainly with projects related to women's empowerment and women's rights. They realize that the final goal is gender equality, but they want to act as a means to achieve their goals to do it by becoming a crowdfunding platform that focuses on projects that maximize social impacts in the gender space. They work on an annual basis, invite and take hundreds of projects while they promote these projects for one year. They have succeeded in summarizing the 432 project, it has an impact on 17.02,145 women and girls, while indirectly affect 63.07,565 families and communities.

3- Patreon.

Patreon is made with motives to serve as an exclusive fundraising platform for creators. In 2013, a YouTuber named Jack Conte likes to make it but the video did not give him the funds needed to continue to create. Apart from millions of people who love their contents, the bank only sees several hundreds every month.