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Different Ways For Removing Gel Nail Polish From Nails

Gel nail polish has become popular because the polish lasts longer than regular nail lacquer. While it might seem tough to remove gel polish, it's actually quite simple. Some believe that acetone could be used to deal with the issue. But, you can always try other ways to remove the polish. To find out the best gel nail polish products, you can browse various online resources.

Soak your nails

After you have filled a bowl with acetone, cover the bowl with a small piece of foil or plastic sheet. Fasten the wrap with a rubber band so that the covering doesn't fly away. Later, place the bowl in warm water and keep it for at least 3 minutes. 

File off gel nails

Before you remove the polish with a file, you should always trim your nails. For nails that extend from the finger, you should use a nail clipper. In case if the nails are thick, then it's better to grab a course file to make nails as short as possible. 

Peel off nail gels

Never be in a hurry with such a kind of method. You should always wait till the gel chips off after one or two weeks. Later, procure a cuticle stick and insert it just beneath the surface of the gel. Remember to work on the polish with utmost care. Since you would be using a pointed object, there are chances of damaging skin along the sides. 

To conclude, we won't recommend using acetone. The chemical may be effective but it might make the nails appear milky white and dry down the skin on your fingers. In fact, acetone reduces the content of natural oils that help in keeping the skin moist.