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Pair Screening Personality Tests

The main function of agencies for au pairs is to make sure that their employee's offers can be trusted for their position and reliability. This is accomplished by screening applicants through interviews, reference checks, personality tests, and background tests.

Pair agencies across the country are legally required to utilize personality tests in screening the Pair screening process. If you want to get the best personality test visit

The importance of personality tests is that the screening process is not 100% accurate. Combining various tools is the best way to improve the accuracy of the screening prior to hiring.

Interviews are often ineffective and fail to provide important information or reveal problematic characteristics of a person as well as their value in predicting future behavior is low, especially when they're conducted with skilled interviewers. 

* References are extremely subjective. What is the value of the opinions of someone you don't know?  According to the parents, "the agency provided glowing references."

Background screening is very crucial, but it is also prone to loopholes. The scope, timeliness, and accuracy of the databases that are searched can be restricted. A nanny, for instance, was charged with driving under intoxication along with her children, aged two and eight, in the vehicle. 

These tests can provide useful information about the personality and character that an au pair has. They could reveal issues that are hard to pinpoint during an interview, like difficulties in performing under pressure, or a tendency toward violent behaviour.