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Slendertone Reviews Can Easily Be Found Online

I am the mother of five month old twins. Before I had my children, I was in pretty good shape (if I do say so myself!) I worked out regularly, ran a few miles a week and watched what I ate. My twins are getting bigger, but I am having trouble getting smaller! I gained a lot of weight with the babies, and scale wise I have lost it all.

My weight is now only two pounds different than it was before I got pregnant. I do not, however, fit into my old clothes the way I used to. My biggest problem is my stomach. Well, during a rare nap recently (the two of them napping at the same time does not happen very often!) I began to search the internet for some new ways I have not tried to lose my stomach fat. I read some great Slendertone reviews, and was highly intrigued.

I had never heard of this product before, but now I am anxious to give it a try. All the Slendertone reviews I read were positive. People talked with enthusiasm about the effectiveness of this method and also about the ease of use. I can just strap it on while I am hanging out at home with my twins and apparently the belt will use electric muscle stimulation to tighten and strengthen my abs.

I cannot wait to give it a try! You can find popular models of slendertone abs belts at, just in case you too may want to explore it further.