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Some Interesting Facts About Gas Plumbers

If you utilize gas at your home, for whatever reason, you need the services of a Gas fitter who is licensed are essential. To ensure the safety of consumers the gas-related work should be carried out by an approved contractor. 

It isn't legally permitted for a non-trained person to undertake gas-related tasks as it could be dangerous as illustrated in this WA commerce article about the licensing of Gas Fitters. Sites like, provide gas plumbers in Torquay.

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Here are some fascinating facts about the work of a gas fitter does:

In simple words, a gas fitter is an individual who provides services to the natural gas appliance and fittings. This involves the installation of the gas appliance as well as systems. These individuals could work in commercial, industrial as well as residential settings. 

As an example, if an entirely new structure is built it is likely that a gas fitting technician will be required to set up the heating system. A residential property owner might require these services when he or she needs assistance installing gas-powered appliances.

Repairing gas-powered appliances and systems are the other tasks gas fitters regularly complete. Here is a complete list of tasks gas fitters are competent to perform:

  • Install gas pipes for gas
  • Test the pipe used in the gas appliance
  • Read and understand drawings, specifications as well as plans
  • Mark and count the points at which gas equipment is to be put in
  • Install LPG system in boats as well as caravans
  • Install appliances as well as other equipment that run on gas
  • Install flues to the gas appliance
  • Install gas detectors and regulation systems
  • Customer education
  • Complete Gas Appliance Maintenance