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The correct way to fuse a bottle of wine

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

A molten wine bottle or any other type of glass bottle is a great way to recycle and add a nice fresh touch to your home decor. If you fuse a flat bottle and add a hanger on the top of the bottle, you can hang it on the wall.

The first thing you need is a bottle, which is pretty easy. Find an empty bottle that you want to sink. You can ask your friends or just go to a local bar and ask them to save one for you. If you are new to glass fusing, you can shop wine bottle slumping molds at

Wash the jar very well, inside and out. Remove all labels with a label with a heat gun to heat, melt some glue, but not all. If you cannot heat the label, you must soak the labels on the bottles.

Let the bottle dry completely. You may want to put some devitrification solutions in your bottle, especially if the bottle is blue or yellow. This will prevent a layer of foam from forming.

Now you need to prep your oven rack with Bake Wash or you can use the paper-thin zipper rail. Place the bottle in the rack oven. Add two small pieces of paper fibers to each side of the bottom of the bottle to prevent the bottles from rolling. Turn off the oven and let it cool to room temperature.