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Introduction of Selfie Sticks

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

In case you have visited a tourist spot recently, you may have noticed an individual or a group of friends posing in front of a camera attached to the end of the telescopic pole. For more information regarding Selfie Sticks, you may visit

Nowadays, it seems that the stick would be narcissistic around the world, largely because they are reasonably priced and components of a never-ending desire to take a self-portrait a little distance away from anything that can reach their arm.

 On the other hand, a narcissistic stick meant to be grasped at arm's length so that the photographer can get into the frame. Some products include mechanisms that allow photographers to trigger the shutter from a distance.

The three basic types are as follows:

  • Bluetooth Sticks

You can pair it with a stick either iPhone or Android phone. It has a button on the handle that you can press to take pictures.

  • The stick is connected to the headphone jack of smartphones

This, too, has a button on the handle that you can press to take photos.

  • Stick without triggering functions remotely

Some are sold with a remote Bluetooth (keychain-sized) as part of the package.

The best option is a Bluetooth-enabled stick, especially if you want to take your picture from a distance without holding a stick.