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Floor Candle Holders For Masses

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

I love the low light of the candle, especially when lit in a beautiful stand. There are so many different candle holder designs on the market today, from simple to stylish. In fact, today they are mainly used as a decorative element in the house. 

'Floor candle holders' (also known as 'bodenkerzenhalter' in the German language) are available in various models, colours and sizes. However, I like to use some basic styles like a votive, wrought iron, storm, and crystal holder. Let's discuss this candle holder in detail:

In rates

This is one of the oldest types of candlesticks that have been in use since ancient Roman times and even earlier. The term "vows" in oath means devotion. As the name suggests, this candle is usually used as part of a spiritual offering. This is often seen in churches as part of a prayer offering. Lens wax is a small beeswax wax. 

Lentil candles need space because they burn quickly and melt when they burn. They are available in various versions, from plain glass, glass with mosaic tiles to stained glass.

Wrought iron

Unlike in the past, today you can find candle holders made of various metals. Metal supports are more durable than glass holders and provide a completely different effect to the spark plugs. Wrought iron candle holders are available in a variety of styles, from floor stands to table-sized stands. They are very durable and usually come in black or lacquered silver.