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Breast Implants In Dallas: All You Need To Know

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

Almost every woman wishes to resize, reshape and enhance her breast size lost after weight reduction, pregnancy, or trauma to the chest. With the use of modern technology, everyone can have fuller breasts! Breast implants are there to fulfill your desire for attractive and firmer breasts.

A breast implant is a medical prosthesis that is placed under the breast tissue or muscle to enlarge the breast (augmentation) or reconstruct the breast after a mastectomy or correct birth defects. To know more about breast implant surgery, you can also contact the best breast implant doctor in Dallas TX.


There are two main types of breast implants: saline-filled and silicone gel. Both types are made of an outer shell and silicone rubber filler. Implants vary in size, shell thickness, and shape (contour).

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Physiological implants have a silicone elastomeric outer shell filled with a sterile saline solution (salt and water). Physiological implants are cheaper.

Silicone implants also have an elastomeric silicone shell but come with a viscous plastic (silicone) gel. This type of implant feels more natural. Another type of breast augmentation implant is an alternative composition implant that uses various fillers such as soybean oil, polypropylene straps, etc. There are no FDA-approved composite breast implants.


Implants come in two main shapes: spherical and anatomical (sometimes referred to as teardrop, contour, or molded implants).

Round implant

In breast augmentation, round implants are the most common, as they generally fit most patients and have a more natural appearance than their counterparts.

Round implants give women the most lift, fullness, and cleavage. They can also increase the forward projection of the chest. When the implant is turned over or rotated in your pocket, it remains symmetrical and the breast shape is not distorted.