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Laser Treatment For Spider And Thread Veins On The Legs

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

Many people suffer from blood vessels of a purple or red color on their legs. These aren't veins however, they are usually capillaries that have dilated and are commonly referred to by the name of spider legs. 

The veins are broken due to the aging process or can be caused by excessive exposure to the sun or perhaps you are a predisposition in your family to these veins. Thread veins in the legs are commonplace however, many think that dilated or broken capillaries could affect their appearance and lower their confidence. Laser treatment for fractured capillaries is the best remedy to remove the scars from your legs or from anywhere else in your body.

Noninvasive Treatment for legs capillaries' broken

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Superficial leg veins happen when tiny veins converge below the skin's surface which causes blue, red, or purple discolorations of the skin. Spider veins derive their name because of the form of visible veins. They are not all that large while some are much more visible. 

While they can cause you to feel embarrassed, they're safe and any treatment performed on them is generally performed for aesthetic reasons only. Spider veins are usually seen most often on the thighs calves and ankles are more prevalent in women than in men.

The spider veins are larger superficial blood vessels that range from red to purple. Thread veins in the legs can be found throughout the family and can develop following an injury in the leg, pregnancy, or after hormonal changes.