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All About Civil Litigation Mediators

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

Civil litigation occurs when there is an issue of law among two or more people who seek financial compensation or a specific action, not a criminal one. lawyers' primary responsibility is to bring the cases to courts and win cases.

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Means Of Dispute Resolution In Construction Projects! - Claims Consultancy

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Mediators in civil litigation must be able to use a range of skills to effectively represent their clients. In general, they concentrate their practice on certain areas such as intellectual property products liability construction, landlord/tenant conflict real estate, worker's compensation breach of contract, shareholder disputes, business torts employment and labor, and more. 

Because civil litigation is an adversarial procedure that is why the role that the mediators play is difficult. They must possess an understanding of the specifics of law so that they can deal with various types of documents and letters that are required in court proceedings. If the dispute is to be resolved via negotiation it is the responsibility that the judge prepares the trial before the court. 

In some instances, the opposing party chooses to negotiate an arrangement that involves a mutual settlement, outside of court. The job of civil mediators is split into several phases that include investigation discovery, pleading, trials and pre-trial, settlement and, if the verdict is not a favorite of the client, they can appeal. But, every case doesn't have to go through each of these stages.