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Know About the Web Copywriter

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

A web copywriter is someone who uses words to communicate a sales message on the web, just as traditional copywriter complete the same purpose, but for print, radio or TV ads. For the purposes of this article, I will focus on the differences between print and web copywriting.

Well, there are several reasons why we do not have to do that, and I will explain the three most important reasons.

1. People do not read on the internet they scan.

Have you randomly go to a web site densely-worded and actually read every word? Chances are you have not, unless it is a site that offers something you really want. Even then, the copy was probably written and organized in a way that is easy to read. You can search for website copywriter in Brisbane from various web sources.

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2. The most important element on a website is the first screen.

Just as many readers of the newspaper comes from the word you see "above the fold", online readers most occur on the first screen. The first screen should not be confused with the first page or the home page of a website. The first screen is just everything you can see on the first page you land on a web site before rolling.

3. Web copywriters help the reader scan the bold and highlight key words.

Go to Google and type in "yard sales" in the search bar and you are likely to notice the pages of sales that certain words in the body copy that is bold or highlighted. The reason for this is because it helps to guide the scanner through smoothly with smooth copy to let them know the words of the most important and has the largest sales impact.