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How To Find Problems With Commercial Washer?

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

In any hotel, hospital, or other place that needs clean sheets and clothes daily, commercial washers are a must-have piece of equipment. For industrial use, front-loading washers are often made with durable parts and strong connections to water and power systems. You can also search online to hire the experts for commercial washer repair from Commercial Appliance Repair.

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These machines can wash large quantities of clothes and extract moisture. These machines are still susceptible to malfunctions, normal wear, and damaged components. Some commercial washer parts can develop problems after years of service.

Motor and Counterbalance

The motor provides all the power required to move fabrics and detergents. The motor is responsible for turning the drum. A counterbalance, made of metal or concrete, helps to balance the large weight being shifted. 

Loud banging sounds during extraction or agitation cycles can be caused by motor or counterbalance problems. If the machine is not securely secured to the ground, it will rock incessantly. These parts can be replaced depending on the model.

Water Valves

Two valves control the hot and cold water coming into the washing machine. These valves have solenoids that can open or close depending on what program is being run. After years of activation and deactivation, solenoid valves can break. 

The drum's temperature and water content will be affected if the valves fail. One broken valve can prevent hot or cold water from flowing into the drum. Broken drums can cause the drum to not fill or leak if both valves are damaged. 

It is difficult to replace these parts in commercial washers if you don't have the necessary experience. If the solenoids stop working, most commercial washers will need professional repairs.