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Details About The Cell Counting Kit

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

Cell Counting Kit, or CCK-8 enables sensitive colorimetric testing for determining cell viability in cell proliferation and cytotoxicity tests. Tetrazolium salt is reduced by dehydrogenase activities in cells to provide yellow formazan dyes, which dissolve in network culture media. The number of formazing dyes, which is produced by dehydrogenase activities in cells, is directly proportional to the number of living cells.

CCK-8 detection sensitivity is higher than other tetrazolium salts such as MTT, XTT, MTs or WST-1. Because calculation of cell kit-8 measures the activity of living cell metabolism, the data does not verify deaths. To get more information on CCK-8 kit, you can look for the contact information on the supplier’s website.

The ensure data of CCK-8 kit reflects the death of cells instead of decreasing metabolic activity, LDH cytotoxicity assay kit-WST (CK12), which measures the LDH released from dead cells, is used to improve data reliability. Cell Counting Kit-8 allows easy testing using WST-8, Tetrazolium, monosodium salt which produces water-soluble formazing dyes in bio-reduction in the presence of electron carriers, PM 1-methoxy.

The CCK-8 solution is added directly to the cell, no pre-mixing component is needed. WST-8 is biologically reduced by cellular dehydrogenases to formazan orange products that are soluble in network culture media. The number of formazan produced is directly proportional to the number of living cells. Because the CCK-8 solution is very stable and has a little cytotoxicity, a longer incubation, such as 24 to 48 hours, it is possible.

Cell Counting Kit-8 allows sensitive colorimetric testing for determining the number of proper cells in proliferation tests and cytotoxicity. This is a ready-to-use solution that does not require radioisotopes. It can be added directly to cell media for fast screening, high throughput without the solubilization process.