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The Benefits of Using an Aerobic Exercise Stepper

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

An exercise stepper is basically a very small exercise machine that simulates the feeling of going up and down stairs while using your legs. It uses your upper body weight as resistance to go up and come down. The stepper does not require any type of weight or wall or flooring work so anyone can use one. A good stepper will give a very well-rounded workout and takes just a minimum of time per day to obtain the best benefits. They are also great for those who have limited time to exercise because they can fit it into any busy schedule.

When you decide to buy an exercise stepper, you need to make sure it is adjustable so it will fit your height properly. You can find different sizes that range from three feet to seven feet. You also want to make sure that it has safety features such as a hand stop so if you happen to fall it won't hurt you. Some machines also come with a seat that can be adjusted so that you can get more or less height. Make sure to look at all these features carefully when shopping.

Exercise stepers are a multi-purpose piece of equipment. You can do aerobic workouts on them by using the hand brakes to vary the amount of resistance. These exercise steppers usually also have cup holders, so you can carry drinks while you are working out. Most people workout on stepers because they are easy to store in a closet or under a bed, making them a convenient addition to your workout gear.

Stepping on a step gives you the same workout as running or climbing a set of stairs. There are additional factors you should consider if you want to maximize the number of workouts you do on your exercise stepper. One is leg height. A step normally has a limit of approximately four and a half inches between its front and rear legs. The taller you are the more non-slip it will be when using it, so make sure you choose a stepper with the right height.

Another important feature to look for is stability. Does the exercise stepper move easily and smoothly or does it have a tendency to rock back and forth? The design of most stepers is similar, but some are made from better quality materials that tend to last longer and give you more support. You can also purchase additional risers that you can attach to the top or bottom of your platform so you can have more resistance. However, the quality of the extra risers is not usually worth the extra money.

Steppers are also an excellent choice if you are looking to provide your lower body with an aerobic cardiovascular workout. They allow you to complete cardiovascular exercises on your platform without lying down. This in turn keeps your back, legs and stomach muscles active. There are many types of exercises you can do with an exercise stepper including squats, lunges and crunches which are all good for building strong abdominal muscles.

Since an exercise stepper gives you an easy way to complete your workout, it can help you save time and energy when working out alone. You will not need to worry about lifting heavy weights or using free weights or machines since you can do all of your exercises on your stepper. You can also do workouts on your exercise stepper that you would not be able to do while exercising with free weights or machines.

You can find exercise steppers at your local gym or fitness store or even online. Many companies offer a wide variety of different models to choose from. Exercise equipment enthusiasts and professional athletes use stepers because they provide an effective and low-impact workout for their lower body. If you want to stay in shape and get in shape quickly, an aerobic exercise stepper may be just what you need to make this happen.