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All About Ficus Tree

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

Ficus is a genus belonging to the Moraceae family. The genus has more than 800 species ranging from shrubs and vines to woody trees. The majority of fucus species come from tropical regions, however, there are also wild species that grow in temperate and subtropical zones.

One of the most widely recognized ficus species is Ficus carica, which is called"the Common Ficus. This Ficus Benjamina can produce fruit, a fiddle that is a cherished fruit throughout the world. Ficus carica is commercially grown, and the figs are harvested and shipped.

ficus plant

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Other species of ficus will also produce edible fruit, but they're less well-known and are rarely commercially grown.

The fruits of fig trees are derived from a specifically modified flower. The fig fruit is called accessory fruits or Syconiums. It is round in shape and has a tiny opening on one side. The opening is known as an ostiole. Inside the fruit, you'll discover a hollow space which is bordered by tiny edible seeds. The color that the seed is.

Ficus plants are found in two types: female and hermaphrodite plants. They rely on wasps to pollinate them. The small ostiole opens up to allow specially designed for the wasp to traverse through.

Hermaphrodites are also known as caprifigs since they're not as tasty and "only goats consume them". In these caprifigs where the pollinating wasps are born in a protected area from the fruits.