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Fire Sprinkler Systems and Alarms – What to Do if There is Potential Damage to the System

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

Fire sprinkler systems can be extraordinarily complex to design and build. Like every mechanical machine, regular maintenance and inspections need to be performed on fire sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems to ensure that these systems are operating at 100% effectiveness.

Although each state requires regular inspections, there are times and seasons when a sprinkler system needs to be serviced outside of routine state-mandated inspections. Many different factors will determine when this is necessary. You can get additional information via on the mist fire suppression system.

Different buildings will be used for different purposes. There will be specific requirements for the type of fire suppression system in a manufacturing plant compared to the need for a computer data center. Where a major oversight can occur is when a building that was used for one purpose is adapted for another. Retail shopping centers and warehouses often fall into this category. If an existing fire sprinkler system is not reviewed or inspected, it can prove to be very inadequate when it is most needed.

Another very common problem is the carelessness of an employee or equipment hitting the sprinkler head or other parts of the system. Construction going on nearby and forklifts may be the obvious culprits. This type of damage can prevent the head from spraying or spraying uncontrollably, which can lead to system failure. In either case, a service professional will need to be called in to effect the repair.

It is recommended that sprinkler heads that are subject to elevated heat sources such as heaters, construction lighting, or skylights may need to be replaced with heads rated for higher heat tolerance. Under no circumstances should an employee, manager, or business owner attempt to repair the system on their own.