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A Brief Introduction About Irrigation System

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

Water is a vital element for life. Seventy percent of our body is made up of water, while plants have nearly 90 percent water. However, we must depend on outside sources to meet the needs of water for our bodies. In the same way, crops require water to ensure their development and growth. The process of providing the crop with water is referred to as irrigation.

Let's look at various types of irrigation as well as the techniques employed for irrigation.

Types of Irrigation:

There are various kinds of irrigation practices that are used to improve the yields of crops. These kinds of irrigation systems are based on different soil types and climates, as well as crops and resources. The most common kinds of irrigation used by farmers are:

Centre Pivot Irrigation:

In this instance, the water is dispersed by sprinklers moving in a circular manner. However, there are so many online stores that offer Valley center pivots for sale.

Center Pivot Sprinkling Machine, Farm Irrigation Equipment

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Surface Irrigation:

In this model, there is no irrigation pump involved. The water is spread throughout the land via gravity.

Localized Irrigation:

This system uses water to be delivered to each plant by the pipes in a system of low pressure.

Sprinkler Irrigation:

The water is distributed from a central point through overhead high-pressure sprinklers. Or by sprinklers that are positioned on the platform moving.

Drip Irrigation:

This kind of irrigation is where water drops are pumped near the root that supports the plant. This kind of irrigation is seldom utilized since it requires more care.

Methods of irrigation:

Irrigation is accomplished using two methods:

  • Traditional Methods
  • Modern Methods