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Increase your Sports Performance With Mental Training

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

The results of mental training for strength were tracked in a study at Bishops University, Sherbrook, Quebec. Recently, a group of athletes was tested in the areas of overall body functioning and physical performance.

This short-term study examined the effects of mental training on performance and strength.

Participants were assessed in areas such as strength, blood pressure, and heart rate before the testing began. The intervention was either physical or mental training. 

For two weeks, group one received more physical training.

The second group used visualizations of themselves using the hip-flexor machine at the same time. They also used mental training to imagine themselves adding five more pounds each day. For increasing your performance in sports, you can learn a top mentalism training course.

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Group two did not add any of these interventions to their regular training.

Results showed that participants in the first group who had done physical training were able to increase their hip strength by 36 pounds, or 28%. The strength of the control group grew by 6 pounds.

You may find it interesting that participants in group two used visualization intervention to increase their strength by 32 pounds, or 27%.

Compared to the three people who did just their regular workouts, mental training seems to be more effective in delivering longer-lasting performance increases.

The pre-test assessment was done again at the end of testing. Both the mental and the physical training groups had decreased their systolic and pulse rates. Many athletes have found that mental training and physical training can increase their level of performance.

You can improve your competitive edge and make the most of your training efforts by incorporating visualizations that include large amounts of hypnosis.