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Commercial Cold Room Service for Businesses

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

For large-scale food supply companies or the catering industry, commercial cold rooms are essential. They are essential for storing food at the right temperatures to preserve it effectively. However, to preserve food you can also hire top coolrooms in Perth online.

They aren't just for edible goods. These rooms are essential for keeping medical and laboratory supplies at the correct temperatures. They also serve as a source of cooling for flower and plant suppliers.

This guide will help you understand the different solutions and what features your business might look for when selecting a refrigeration product.

Modular cold rooms can be used for large-scale commercial refrigeration. These rooms are very versatile because they come in flat-pack and can be customized to meet individual needs depending on the manufacturer. 

The standard-sized panels can be locked together to make a customized refrigeration room. Modular rooms offer all the benefits of custom-built refrigeration solutions, without the extra expense.

Modular rooms can be frozen or chilled at any temperature. These rooms are mostly used to store food, but they can also be used for laboratory and chemical supplies, as well as cut flowers and seeds.

Businesses, particularly those in the catering sector, may need to store their stock at different temperatures (e.g., frozen or chilled). You can either have separate cold rooms or a combi room, which is a room that has separate temperature zones. These rooms are ideal for those with limited space, as they take up less space than separate cold rooms.