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Buying a New Construction In Bend Oregon

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

When purchasing a new condominium building in Bend Oregon, Tarifon Corporation Guarantee offers buyer protection under the New Home Guarantee program. Membership in the program is mandatory for new home builders and offers protection to new home project buyers. This coverage includes security deposit, defects in workmanship and materials, and security issues related to late closing and occupancy.

An important step covered by the New Home Guarantee Program is inspection. Prior to the handover date of the new building, the buyer will be brought to the unit with an inspector to point out any defects that need to be addressed by the builder. 

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Newly constructed home buyers are insured against defects in materials and workmanship in their new home for one year from the date of ownership. There are also 2-year and 7-year warranties that cover major device defects.

Another very important issue in today's real estate market is pending loan dates. Homebuilders have the legal right to delay new construction projects as long as they give the buyer proper written notice. However, if the buyer is not notified as required, the buyer has the right to claim damages.

It should be noted that compensation will not be paid if the delay is caused by the buyer himself or if the delay is not the responsibility of the builder (strike, flood, etc.). Please note that if the new building project is completed early by the developer, the buyer is not obliged to accept it

Buying a new home can be a big investment and an exciting process. Make sure the Rate Guarantee actually applies if you buy a new building property.

Business and Management

New Construction – Building Your New Home In Bend Oregon

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

When building your new home, you need to make sure not only that the blueprints are solid, but that you're getting a good deal. Building a new home can easily be a great business with high investment potential. You want to make sure that the new building is run well and if you decide to sell the house, you get the most out of your initial investment as soon as possible.

There are various construction companies that offer competitive prices. Consult with individual companies and discuss the overall plan for completing the project. While you'll want a schedule, be wary of companies that give you an unrealistic time frame for finishing your new home. 

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Ask for references and see properties they have built in the past. It is important to know exactly how long the company has been offering the home, and then want to look at some of the earliest properties. This gives you an idea of how well their construction will hold up over time, especially when comparing several companies.

Be willing to compromise if necessary when building your new home. Sometimes even really great design ideas aren't very practical to fit into a realistic blueprint. 

You can compromise or try to find a contractor who doesn't agree. However, if you find more than one contractor unsure that the design plans will be stable, how comfortable are you with each weather event that occurs? Choosing an agent with new home building experience is invaluable when you are starting to build a home.