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Facts About Western Oceanic Art

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

It is not possible to cover a large amount of material about oceanic art in one article. To simplify this problem, the article deals with statues.

Oceanic sculpture represented a god or ancestral heroes. They sometimes made free standing but are also often found as part of an object such as peak fly whisk. Oceanic art also includes weapons and jewelry. 

Most pieces of Oceania Art have a religious side to them.  Figures and design carved on objects to make them stronger. There are many museum and gallery in New York that are where you can find interesting and authentic oceanic art

To know more information about oceanic art galleries in New York you can visit Oceanic Art can differ in size from the very small charm made to hide on your person for monumental stone monoliths.

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Here is a visual guide to some kind of Oceanic Art but for various kinds throughout the Pacific, far from inclusive. It is probably better to think of this article as a brief introduction to this fascinating group of the art form.

Influence of Oceanic art in Western Art

Oceanic art has great influence on the development of modern Western art. This greatly influenced the style of Picasso Matisse and Vlaminck. It influenced many avant-garde painters and sculptors. 

The influence of Oceanic art coincided with changes in Western art. Between 1870 and 1907 there was a gradual shift from the mode of perception for a conceptual representation. 

The "perception" tradition that has dominated Western art since the Renaissance will end soon. This is in large part because photography is able to capture reality effectively.