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How To Choose A Property Expert Witness For A Valuation Report

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

If you are involved in any case or situation with disputes regarding commercial or business property then a property expert witness will be required and this can be sourced by a wide variety of means including solicitors and chartered surveyors.

In return for the fee paid, the property witness will act on your behalf to compile the expert witness report to present your case. The property expert will provide you with knowledge, expertise, and a wide range of relevant experience to assist you in the disputed property case.

Not only will the expert provide you with their expert property witness report but they will also attend court, as per the norm, and present the evidence gathered and issue professional witness evidence. You can also hire a property expert by visiting

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As in any case centering on a form of dispute with two sides being presented the witness will be cross-examined and the property report will be part of this. The property expert provided, for instance, by the charted surveyor will be fully prepared, trained, and experienced in such a matter and present your case in a confident and convincing manner.

The service may be offered under the title of valuation expert witness or a valuation expert witness report depending on the nature of the case but both function in the same nature and with the same purpose, to assist you in a victorious cause.