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What Are Some Common Types Of Retail Packaging?

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

Packaging has become an important and integral part of the various marketing activities of manufacturers. They use a number of retail packaging techniques to draw the attention of customers. The primary purpose of packaging should no longer be limited to protecting the product. Today's modern packaging provides a lot of information about the product it contains. It plays an important role in product promotion and brand recognition.

Let's take a quick look at the different types of retail packaging.

Special Packaging: 

Special packaging is mainly used for products that are unusual and irregular in shape. Such products do not fit into conventional packaging boxes. Many retailers and even manufacturers opt for bespoke packaging because it helps their products stand out, stay safe, and reach their destination safely. However, you can also contact today to the manufactures of these custom packaging boxes to fulfill your needs. 

Advantages of using add-ons in retail packaging

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Flexible Packaging: 

A wide variety of products are used for this type of packaging. Flexible packaging generally loses its original shape once the packaging is opened. This packaging is perfect for food, especially perishable items such as fruit and vegetables. With flexible food packaging, food is available in airtight bags, plastic bags, and other containers. Special sealing technology is used for flexible packaging.

Recycled Packaging:

This type of packaging is getting more and more popular every day. Instead of using new materials, retail goods are packaged in recycled plastic, glass, and glass from used packaging. The rest of the raw materials are sometimes also recycled for packaging. Such packaging can save you a lot of money. It is also environmentally friendly because resources are not wasted, but rather are used in the manufacture of new products.