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When Is A Root Canal Required?

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

If you have ever had a shooting pain in a tooth that will not go away, you may have wondered if you would need a root canal. Most people have unpleasant thoughts about this type of procedure, and often put it off until there is no other option. 

It is important to remember that root canal dentists only follow the accepted procedures. They are not trying to save your tooth from being removed. You can get the best pulp canal therapy in Brampton.

In fact, today's technology allows this and similar procedures to move forward relatively quickly and with very few problems. They are effective more than 95 percent of the time, although there are rare circumstances where a problem offshoot cannot be seen and must be taken care of again later on. 

With the best anesthetics and procedures, the pain from the infection can be eliminated and the tooth preserved. Most dentists use microscopic lenses to perform the procedure, which has greatly improved the ability to eliminate all of the infections.

Once the procedure for the root canal is completed, the affected tooth will generally require a crown. This will help to protect the tooth from other dental issues, and it strengthens it as well. Without a crown, the teeth on both sides of the affected tooth will apply pressure to the empty tooth, which can cause additional problems.

If the tooth had been removed, the teeth would move to fill the space, which would affect the bite. This is why it is better to save the tooth.