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How to Build A Perfect Product Search and Filtering Tool For Your Shopify Store

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

Sometimes there is a need to create multifunctional advanced filters based on the color or size of the product. Otherwise, it can be quite difficult for the customer or the buyer to see all the products to find which products are available in the right size or color . Unfortunately, this is not a native Shopify feature.

So you need to build an app that has advanced custom filters for collections and search results pages.Another important feature you need to add is smart product filters and search in shopify App.

Dynamic search parameters by collection, supplier, product type, options (e.g. size ,color or texture), rating, price or discount, and most importantly, you can also search tags and Meta fields.

They should also make it easier to modify or save filter menus; improve your website navigation and user interface by giving customers the ability to filter items by type, availability,size or color, brand or price, etc.

There are also various parameter filters: box, list, swatch, and range slider.

Analytics is also very important for store owners because when working with large quantities of goods, it is necessary to understand how customers use filters and searches, popular searches, and how customers behave when they can't find anything.

So it gets important to understand from the user point of view what features they would need in the app.