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Mobile Application Testing And Challenges Involved

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

This goes without saying that unless mobile testing experts devise suitable strategies to meet mobile testing challenges, chances of applications losing out in the clutter are real high.

Any mobile testing strategy should involve choosing a mix of physical devices and simulators to widen the sweep of features, form factors, networks, and platforms. Again, an increase in automation should be the key to cutting down on test time, regression testing costs, and pushing in better compliance. There are some companies that provide the best mobile application testing services online.

In the past decade or so, the penetration of smartphones has led to growth in the number of applications that is mindboggling in terms of its targeted end-users, range, and functions. The applications work on a host of mobile devices, form factors, hardware, software platforms, Operating Systems, and networks. 

Diversity of devices: The range of devices in terms of their screen resolutions, sizes, screen sizes, and various other factors make application testing important.

Diversity of OS: Applications should be tested for a host of operating systems such as Android, Windows, iOS, and BlackBerry. Moreover, as every OS keeps getting updated periodically, so incorporating these changes is unavoidable.

Diversity of Network: Networks have challenges in terms of their speed, availability, and strengths. So, applications should be compliant notwithstanding such limitations of network diversity.

Increase in test cycles: As networks, operating systems, and software platforms undergo version changes to fix bugs or to meet newer customer expectations, aligning applications to meet such changes is done by implementing additional test cycles. 

The scope and type of mobile app testing are determined by the kind of applications (e.g., health, education, banking, and gaming,) its target audience (customers or enterprises,) platforms (various OS's,) and channels (Google Play and Apple Store).