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How SUP Yoga Enhances Your Practice

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

Practicing SUP yoga provides a stronger and more challenging workout than traditional yoga. Paddleboards for straightening are not as stable as hard surfaces, as well as the water in which they swim.

When doing yoga moves, you need to engage your core more to maintain your stability, in addition to the already difficult challenges, strength, and flexibility that yoga exercises require. SUP yoga training also helps you improve your balance technique when practicing yoga on hard ground.

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If you do something wrong and put too much weight on one side of your body, the board will point it out to you. Many straightening rowers find SUP yoga very rewarding and relaxing because of the combination of extreme closeness to water and nature.

Get as close to the water as possible. Just rowing on an upright paddle is very relaxing and adding yoga to this activity enhances the relaxation experience. This activity also helps you master your posture and breathing, which requires more focus so you don't fall into the water while exercising.

In addition to the SUP board which has been specially developed for yoga and fitness, there are now various accessories that make practicing SUP yoga easier and more enjoyable. The SUP anchor attaches to the board and keeps it steady during poses, and there's even an additional pontoon accessory on the stabilizer that provides more balance and stability for all participants, whether you're a beginner or advanced.