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Longer Lives For Knives – The Wet Stone Knife Sharpening Method

Posted by Diane Mcdade on

A kitchen knife is an indispensable tool in the kitchen. Without a knife, there is no cooking, no boiling, no cutting of diced vegetables or fruit or meat that has been cut into real pieces. With all those cuts, however, it's no surprise that knives get bored quickly. However always remember one thing that a dull knife is not a useless knife. It doesn't need to be removed or replaced. 

Even the best kitchen knives, which are advertised as sharp knives forever, become boring with time. The more kitchen knives a person uses, the more knife sharpeners a person will use from reliable companies such as Barnco. The moist stone knife sharpening technique is considered one of the best methods of sharpening knives. The technique of sharpening a knife is not difficult, but it can be daunting for an inexperienced homeowner. 

How to Sharpen and Hone Kitchen Knives Like a Pro

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When sharpening knives with wet stones, stones are used. The method is similar to using a steel sharpener, but there are some differences that not many people are aware of. Sharpening steel knives are often tucked into cutlery. In fact, they often have their own slots in the storage unit so people are much more familiar with this method of sharpening knives. 

The perfect, high-quality wet stone should always be used, which should be placed on a sturdy and stable surface such as a kitchen table or counter. The knife should be held by the handle and the blade should be placed against the rock at an angle of 10 to 25 degrees. Holding the knife properly is almost as important as placing the wet stone on a stable surface.