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Types of Commercial Waste

The commercial waste can be broken down into four main types: construction and demolition debris, office paper, plastics, and electronics. It's important to manage each type of commercial waste because it protects the environment and helps your business run smoothly.

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Construction and demolition debris: This type of commercial waste can include materials like wood, plastic, and metal scraps from remodeling or building projects. You should carefully remove construction and demolition debris from your property so that it doesn't end up in the environment. You can remove debris by hand or use a recycling truck.

Office paper: Office paper includes any paper that's used for printing, writing, or drawing. You should recycle office paper using a recycling truck or by hand. You can also burn office paper to create energy.

Plastics: Plastic is a popular material for products like furniture, containers, and toys. You should carefully recycle plastic using a recycling truck or by hand. You can also melt down plastic to create energy.

Electronics: Electronic waste includes items like monitors, laptops, printers, and cell phones. You should recycle electronic waste using a recycling truck or hand. You can also recycle electronic waste using an electronic waste recycling plant.

It's important to carefully manage commercial waste in order to protect the environment and keep your business running smoothly.