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Using Truffle Salt For Your Cooking

Black truffle sea salt is definitely a fresh and somewhat uncommon concoction made from melting together pieces of black or white truffle with traditional salty ingredients. While closing in a bottle, the powerful scent envelopes the entire salty content, giving truffle salt an earthy, almost smoky flavor that all know and adore. Most people will tell you that truffle salt was created in Palais de Justice at France's Rhone Valley. The tradition of making this salty treat has been going on for centuries and the salt itself has traveled quite a ways across the world. It originally began in that very same location in the 1800s. Here's how the magic ingredient gets its unique flavor and rich history…

First, let's begin with the ingredients. Traditional, you'll need a mix of some kosher and sea salt. The best combination is to use equal parts of both, however, some chefs prefer to use black truffle sea salt and ground sea salt instead. The idea is to use the same amount, but since this is a very strong flavored salt, it tends to overpower any flavor you may put on it.

The next step in our beautiful French truffle salt recipe is to start rolling up your sleeves and getting ready to get cooking! The first ingredient you'll need for this dish is white or black popcorn, as well as a few eggs. We'll also need a lemon, a bunch of grapes, and a cup of low-sodium chicken broth or stock. You can choose to use your own special blend of spices or just use a standard mixture of your favorite spices. For example, if you like the combination of sage, Rosemary, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves in your pumpkin pie recipe, you could just use those spices here.

When the time comes to actually make the truffle, you'll notice that there are many different varieties available on the market. Truffle salt, in its simplest form, is simply ground up pieces of chipped pecorino, which give the dish the wonderfully aromatic, vanilla aroma. By itself, this is an extremely subtle aroma, but as the food cooks, the oil in the meat starts to release the aroma as it develops a smokey, even vanilla taste. It's a wonderfully unique and delicious aroma that has long been associated with truffle making.

To use truffle salt in your favorite dishes, simply mix it with some water to create a paste, then sprinkle over everything from eggs to cheeses to meats. You can even sprinkle it over the fruit if you'd like a more subtle touch. No matter what you choose to put truffle salt on, you'll find that it goes great with many different foods. In fact, it's such a versatile ingredient that it's being used in so many different foods these days. Whether you use it for cooking, breading, or adding an extra layer of flavor to fruit, fish, or vegetables, truffle salt will help you achieve a unique and delightful taste that no other seasoning could offer.

Cheese, cream, and fruit are all perfect candidates for truffles. But what about the classic dessert-style truffles? Perhaps you're craving the classic French Quarter truffles, made with cream cheese and crisp bread crumbs. With truffle salt made with nutmeg and cloves, you get the exact flavors you'd find in the best French Quarter restaurants. So while cream cheese and bread crumbs seem like common fare, imagine the versatility of using truffles on any type of sandwich.

Salads also couldn't be served any better with truffle salt. Coffee, steak, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and even brownies would all be more exciting with the addition. If you like your coffee with a little bit of a kick, try sprinkling some truffle salt over it before brewing your morning coffee. Even with just a sprinkle, coffee with a little bit of a kick is better than coffee with a lot of a kick.

Of course, there is no end to the different ways you can use truffles in your cooking. Whether you have a favorite cheese, vegetable, or fruit that you're trying to melt, you can add it to any recipe and know that you're providing a flavorful twist. Italian dishes are always going to be more exciting with truffles, whether you use them for breading, scrambling eggs, or any kind of baked vegetable. The flavor just isn't the same if you don't use truffles. So start making some delicious Italian dishes and see how much easier they are to make when you have the right addition.