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Video Testimonials: Why They Work

Testimonial videos are among the most powerful kinds of marketing content. The smartest marketers recognize that the most convincing and trustworthy messages don't originate from sales representatives or email marketing campaigns. They are delivered by satisfied customers. You can look for the best testimonial video examples online via

How To Collect Video Testimonials?

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When a review about your company's brand or product originates from a truly satisfied customer, their honest review is more valuable than all of your other marketing strategies. When you combine this kind of influence from social media along with the emotional value of video, you'll find the most valuable type of video content available i.e. video testimonials.

A testimonial video is when a customer or client speaks about their positive experience with a product/company/service, etc. using video. This means that instead of writing a conventional review the video testimonial happens where the reviewer creates the video in which they share their opinions. Most often, customers tell how the business helped them resolve the issue or how it had on their lives.

Customer testimonials are effective types of marketing, no matter if you're marketing to prospective or customers already in the market. A third-party's opinion that you can use to promote your product will make a significant difference in the future of sales.