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All About Bath Salts

Wondering how to create perfect bath salts recipes? This easy-to-make bath salt recipe will gently soothe sore, dry muscles, relax you for your next bath and even help soothe irritable skin. There is no need to buy expensive bath products to add something special to your bath and these bath salt recipes can be used in combination with essential oils for a powerful aroma that you won't find in commercial products. Read on to discover how easy it really is to create these delightful bath and body spa treats.

An easy way to experience a unique aroma is by soaking in a tub with warm, clean water. Add three tablespoons of dead sea salt and soak for at least one hour. This treatment provides the perfect scent and wonderful sensation of being soaked while relaxing your body.

If you have ever had a salty taste in your mouth or tasted metallic after a meal, then you have experienced the power of nature's own secretions. Saffron strands and black pepper flakes can be ground up to make a delicious and spicy morsel, perfect for adding to a pot of herbal bath salt. Adding a small pinch of white pepper to a glass of warm water adds a delightful taste to a recipe for black and orange patchouli tea. Both lavender and chamomile essential oils work well when mixed with the dried-out shells of these natural salts to create a delectable herbal blend that works well as an essential oil.

Lavender, chamomile, and Rosemary essential oils can be added to any recipe for pure, refreshing beauty. The soothing fragrance of these herbs can be enhanced when mixed in warm water to make a delicious bath salt. Essential oils of ginger, peppermint, and Rosemary are also popular with those who enjoy a spicy treat. These essential oils are easily found as herbs in garden centers and are used frequently in home remedies that promote healing and promote beauty.

While it is true that salt does have its uses, most people agree that table salt is the best option for cooking. People should opt for natural bath salt blends for their everyday needs instead of table salt. Because bath salt is made with all-natural ingredients, it is highly unlikely to cause an adverse reaction in sensitive people. The powerful aroma of many essential oils can overpower a dish, but the fragrance from essential oils can be mellowed by using a little table salt. This allows everyone to enjoy the wonderful benefits of essential oils while still enjoying the wonderful benefits of sea salt.

It is impossible to talk enough about Dead Sea salt. There are few other mineral forms that contain more minerals and trace elements than Dead Sea salt. There are a few different types of Dead Sea salt, and each is packed full of healthful benefits. They can help with everything from allergies to heartburn, and there is even some evidence that they can enhance memory.

The most widely known types of bath salts are coarse sea salt and fine sea salt. Cushion sea salts are a third choice that most people find appealing. Fine sea salt is harvested from the Dead Sea and has a slightly higher concentration of minerals and other beneficial substances than coarse sea salt. Because fine sea salts are harvested in an area that is surrounded by ocean, it is harvested less often and therefore has a high value.

When shopping for bath salt, you will undoubtedly come across sodium chloride. Sodium chloride is a popular ingredient due to the fact that it is cheap and readily available. However, sodium chloride is actually harmful if ingested in large amounts. The dangerous effects of sodium chloride are exacerbated when it combines with other harmful chemicals such as chlorine. The use of a bath salt containing small amounts of magnesium sulfate is a safe bet and one that won't upset your stomach.